Quality Assurance

ISO Certified Company

Quality is the main goal of our company, our offered products are monitored in these units on different dimensions under strict standards. Our organization manufactures in accordance with ISO 9001: 2008 regulations and quality. We train our controllers at regular intervals to enhance their skills in meeting the various requirements of the latest quality standards.

Quality assurance is a meticulous process that spans every stage of production. It begins with stringent material inspections, ensuring only high-quality components are utilized. Throughout manufacturing, precise machining and assembly processes are monitored, adhering to strict quality control protocols. Comprehensive testing, including pressure and leakage assessments, ensures each hydraulic cylinder meets or exceeds industry standards.

Certifications and compliance with regulatory requirements further attest to the commitment to quality. This rigorous approach not only guarantees the reliability and durability of the products but also instills confidence in customers regarding the consistent excellence of the hydraulic solutions provided by the SPM HYDRAULICS.

Quality Assurance

An unceasing commitment to quality and excellence has always been our main objective. We believe quality is an integral part of the manufacturing process.

Quality Policy

Our quality policy is to satisfy the customer by providing quality products and adopting timely delivery as well as services with continual improvement and constant adherence to quality management system. 

Quality Objectives
  1. To improve customer satisfaction
  2. To improve delivery performance
  3. To reduce rejection
  4. To reduce customer complaints
  5. To achieve desired business growth